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It Adze Up

It Adze Up

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In trailblazer, I just got a hard clue salute in the hosidius mess hall. equip rune halberd, rune platebody, ammy of str. Not sure if this is right place to "let us know" as it says in the update

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Close Rate

Close Rate

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"Much like the Bind spells accuracy bug, we considered making no changes at all and leaving this as an additional perk of the Double Cast Relic. If Ice Barrage was unintentionally faster for all weapons within the game, then it’s likely we’d have kept this behaviour during the League. Ultimately we decided that leaving this bug in-game would be unfair to anyone that planned their route based on optimising their single-target damage with items such as the Sanguinesti staff, something you’d expect to perform better than an area of effect attack with a much lower requirement item."

Taking the "bug" out would be unfair to anyone who "planned their route" based on obtaining the now worthless Ahrim’s staff. I assumed the bug was an intentional way to make the staff at least somewhat useful.

As it was, you still had to repair the Arhim's staff, complete the entire set + the Amulet of the Damned, and take Desert (an otherwise useless region) to auto cast Ancient.

Thanks for screwing the 4% of people who wanted to try something different and fun.

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I ran into another Kourend clue on a hard clue scroll just now.

Salute in the centre of the mess hall. Beware of double agents. Equip a rune halberd, rune platebody, and an amulet of stength.

Thanks for the work you guys are doing!

11-Nov-2020 22:57:54

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