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This thread is for discussing the Combat Achievements Poll Blog that you can find here.

23-Nov-2020 18:10:22 - Last edited on 23-Nov-2020 18:11:21 by ModáAyiza

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Would it be possible to have the achievements so that you don't have to rely on other players, because let's say I want to get the one with no one using scythe of vitur, if I can't find other players who don't want to slow down their run I won't be able to do it. This example doesn't do it too much justice since it is a very expensive weapon, but if I had to do a raid with 10 people and make sure that no one else died, that would be really annoying.

Also what about the bosses that can get crowded when the achievements come out or wilderness bosses that will be camped by PK-ers?

23-Nov-2020 18:51:47

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After seeing how bad Rs3 got over the years with all achievements not just boss ones, I have to say I don't like this idea very much.

Achievements for achievement's sake should be ruthlessly avoided on Osrs. I also don't think you should be giving rewards from PvM that affect content that has very little to do with PvM such as clue scrolls. Because god forbid you rework clues to make them worth doing eventually.

The specific tasks for the diaries are also vague and open ended, and I think leave out all of the most difficult bosses intentionally.. leading to future conflict and disagreement.

Most importantly though.. you can't offer BIS offhands to things outside of PvM without listing what the tasks are beforehand. That should be obvious because people don't have enough information to vote.

23-Nov-2020 19:00:01

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ideas look sick , I think it would be cool to see some rewards besides tokkhul and a pet from the tzhaar update , maybe some way to award points for each of these new improved jad kills that can be used at a store for supplies/ect

23-Nov-2020 19:01:24

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