Soul Wars And 20th Anniversary

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For UIMs: Is dying inside soul wars whilst you have items stored at an item retrieval service (Zulrah etc) considered a death that wipes your items at said services?
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06-Jan-2021 12:17:09

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Max games reached on all worlds atm, it takes ages to join a game. Maybe reconsider joining into ongoing games on a few worlds, like it's been before.

Having everything instanced and therefore multiple games with as few people as possible seems like a bit of an overkill to me. If multiple players get inactive and kicked, one team will be at a permanent disadvantage because of it having less teammates. Players – in the beta – are leaving the game to re-join another one. They literally get rewarded for skipping a losing game. Those teammates cannot be replaced because the people who would very much like to fill the gap are already in another instance. If the opposing Team has a massive Cb advantage, there is little to nothing you can do about it. At least the possibility of having stronger players joining after the game has started would make a huge difference.

Imo you worry too much about it being a balanced minigame. This one drives on it being a little chaotic and having oversized Teams you can join after. Again, I personally really do not like the idea of it running multiple games simultaneously without any chance of turning the tables once a team is formed.

However, if there is something you could change, combating the insanely fast gear switching would be the first thing thats comes to mind. This isn't LMS. Please don't let Soul Wars become the utterly toxic player base of LMS and change things up here.
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06-Jan-2021 17:42:55

Lucy HFilia

Lucy HFilia

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Maybe it’s because I played runescape way back in the day, but I think the classic King Black Dragon design, dragon designs and demon designs are just so cute. I’d love an option to either get pets of them or to purchase them as guardians in my house dungeon. Because who wouldn’t want classic dragons and demons guarding their house?

I haven’t tried soul wars yet, but we’ll see how long it takes me to get a pet (from my record with barb assault, it’ll take me forever to never get one).

Looking forward to that 20th anniversary event!

06-Jan-2021 18:27:25

Soul Warz
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Soul Warz

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vote against the green portal update!
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07-Jan-2021 18:50:32 - Last edited on 13-Jan-2021 03:36:29 by Soul Warz

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Please make it so the bandages in Soul Wars act like the bandages in Castle Wars. As it stands, it's currently very hard to heal up while being piled by a large group of people and survive, where as if you were able to spam multiple bandages you may have a better chance.

07-Jan-2021 19:09:10

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