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Great stuff and I just want to wade in on the clan hub discussion.

I did a lot of clanning in 2012 and quite liked the clan camp however I hated that the air altar moved and it felt quite out the way.
When it was announced it would be in the grand exchange for old school I thought that was great because it would be more practical but I understand peoples reservations.
The only other place I think it could make some sense, although it would require some rejigging, is as a replacement/extension to the outlaw camp. It would still be next to the GE and attract a lot of players, but also make some thematic sense as there is already a camp there.

Those are just my thoughts, although if I were making the decision I'd probably put it in the GE or just outside the GE like where solomans store is in RS3.
Finally we have signatures in the surprise forum update.
I'm Lewis, I play Old School & I've been playing since 2005.

20-Mar-2021 20:56:49

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