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there is an lms bug that keeps your crossbow on long range outside of lms. my pure has been ruined because of this bug. I got 2 def from it. so I quest ed 13 def. then the bug got me 14 def because I didn't know the bug was what got me 2 def in the first place.

please fix my def level

please fix the bug

I am going to post this on every update until it's resolved

14-Apr-2021 14:27:04

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7átháReign said:
If you think content is bugged, it's best that you report it ingame by right-clicking the red 'Report' button. That way the right teams will pick up on it. :)
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14-Apr-2021 14:31:22



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I just made the Barronite mace and saw that it gives a +2 to prayer. I read the blog from February 18th and the proposed prayer stat was +4. Is this an oversight or did they change the prayer bonus in a later poll/blog?

14-Apr-2021 20:30:55



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All the items being arbitrarily untradeable really rubs me the wrong way. There's no reason for it, other than to make the content much less attractive for people who don't personally care about the rewards. It annoyed me enough that I felt the need to log in and post about it.

14-Apr-2021 20:47:00

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For low level content AND F2P, I feel this was a pretty neat update and well worth trying for myself (as I still mine for the wield-able hammer)! There wasn't a whole-lot-to-do with the quest itself, but it certainly seems to open up for a new, future story line -- which is even cooler for the OSRS team to tackle :P.

As stated above, I'm also a bit disappointed about the new items being non-tradable; but I'm happy to see you can still break open the deposits for items.. which, for a newer player, may still be lucrative!

Aside from collecting the mace, there's really not much point in killing the Golems for their drops, though. Again, maybe beneficial for an Ironman or the sorts.

Overall.. fun update! More like these, please.
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15-Apr-2021 07:23:00

Ami Gdeli

Ami Gdeli

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So I couldn't help but notice there are no entries in the kudos list for the new artefacts, I'm assuming this is a bug...?

Overall, I enjoyed the update. A bit short for me, but that's likely because I'm a member and also way overleveled for this.
The lack of drops made the fishing kinda underwhelming. Sure, prayer xp is nice, but the other activities get like artifacts and stuff...

Personally, I am entirely on-board with the untradability of this stuff; helps ensure it's something you actually try out yourself rather than just picking up the rewards on the GE.

15-Apr-2021 14:02:02



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Nobody like the hotfix of this update. I don't know what feedback you read.. yesterday was perfect the XP and drop rate of everything (except prayer, that 10xp is low in my opinion), the hotfix wasn't needed. Now training in this place doesn't worth the effort because too low XP, even yesterday was low (25k/hr) compared for example to mine iron that is about 58k/hr, so makes no sense this nerf... I don't feel like playing this content anymore, except if you revert the changes of the hotfix or even enhance the original XP.

I want to add more details, relative to the feel of the new content. I loved yesterday when I got a deposit, was awesome the feel, plus the 250 XP per deposit, really feel very special, and now with the hot fix I get a lot of damn deposit that give low XP in mining and smithing and are nothing special anymore, so this mean that is more bored and you have to walk more times from mine to anvil.. really I wish you rollback to the state previous to hotfix.

15-Apr-2021 15:35:05 - Last edited on 15-Apr-2021 17:37:35 by Deitord

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