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Huh? People using cheat client to help with six jad challenge can win video contest?

Is Jagex high on their own supplies ?
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19-May-2021 11:43:42

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there is an lms bug that keeps crossbow on long range when leaving lms. it got my account 2 def

so I quest ed 13 def

wasn't aware of the bug and it got me 14 def

essentially an account that's paid over 1k usd for p2p over 10 years is ruined through no fault of my own

with no way to contact help or get resolved

19-May-2021 14:02:59

Aug Member 2020


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Not to be pushy, but would you guys please incorporate the shooting stars xp buff into your next update? My friends and I have been going for 99 mining on pretty much just shooting stars, and we're very much looking forward to the xp buff. I'm not sure if you pass updates in the order they were polled or simply by how soon you can implement them, but it seems like the star xp buff would be a fairly simple tweak. Although, if it's against your policy to pass an update before the other updates it was polled alongside, I understand.

Speaking of shooting stars, by the way, there is a recurrent visual glitch that causes the stars to appear on top of your character at times, depending on the camera angle. From certain angles, it can pretty much look like you're trapped under it and trying to mine your way out.

19-May-2021 16:12:22

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Bring back / to type in cc's or at least make it a option. People tell me to get used to it, but it's never gonna be as good. I don't want to switch tabs all the time to talk.

I am also missing the clear trade history button.
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24-May-2021 15:25:54

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