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Loved the update! The new clan system which has been released is more functional! Now, we have more titles to choose, clan events that we can manage, and a clan hall. This made clans more official. Thanks for the update!
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26-May-2021 13:23:50

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In the event that I would like to change the capitalization of the clans name.. I would have to change the name of the clan twice, may I redeem a Bond to help me do so? Similarly to how they function when changing your RSN.

Thank you Jagex moderators.

26-May-2021 13:54:37 - Last edited on 26-May-2021 15:20:40 by DabsáMarino

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Maybe poll your game updates correctly and you will end up with ones that are needed?

No parity with rs3 and clan leaders expiring after 6 months which encourages instability.

dAmN wEeNiEs!!@!@

26-May-2021 16:24:47

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Will there be tweaks to creating CoX parties and not requiring to be in a FC, only a CC? Would like to phase out our old friends chat but currently must be in one for Chambers/CM's.

26-May-2021 16:49:19

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there is an lms bug that keeps crossbow on long range when leaving lms. it got my account 2 def

so I quest ed 13 def

wasn't aware of the bug and it got me 14 def

essentially an account that's paid over 1k usd for p2p over 10 years is ruined through no fault of my own

with no way to contact help or get resolved

26-May-2021 17:24:16

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man I really hope they didn't spend much time on this. this is such a pointless update discord is already a better option for clan management and doesn't have a limit of 500 members. oh cool a "clan hall" I wonder what you can do in it OH COOL you can sit around afk. there is no reason to join a clan so glad this is what our devs think is a cool update. Its crazy how you guys made a worse version of the clan system than what was in RS3 at least there you could do skilling in the clan hub. TLDR we made it so you can talk in your clan chat and another CC at the same time and call it a clan update #whatafreakingjoke #overhypewasteoftime

26-May-2021 19:41:15

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