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Hey Mat K,
when can we expect you get the tools/compilers?(GWD etc) still far from them? :-/
What are you, a concerned beaver?

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Really loving the fact that you're deciding to not raise the cost for OSRS as I still would have paid the extra fee but many of my friends wouldn't have. Great job you guys please keep it up =)

07-Jun-2013 14:38:13

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Old-school might be here to stay, but the current state of the game is a complete mess...

For one, there's only 4 people working on this game. With the amount of current problems, there's no way that 4 people alone is sufficient enough to keep on top of everything. When problems arise, they take absolutely forever to fix, sometimes never.

Botting is a huge problem still, however the way Jagex are going about it is wrong. Not only are botters getting TEMPORARILY banned, but they are getting away with the wealth and the stats that they have illegitimately gained. Not only are these people getting temporarily banned, but for Jagex to actually to wake up and ban these sort of people, the damage has already been done and they have the stats/wealth they wanted.

Take a look at the highscores, front page of skills, you'll see a mass amount of bots still unbanned. What sort of message is this giving to the community? Do you really expect us to believe that your current bot software is working?


07-Jun-2013 15:08:45

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