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So im having a bit of a i got a new phone so i lost my authentication well this account is like 10 years old and my recovery stuff is in emails that a havent used in 7 years? is there a way to reset up the authentication on my new phone?

20-Oct-2019 09:15:05

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Hi there

If you are confident you are not going to be able to recover your registered email address through the provider of the email, you will need to go through the process of account recovery which involves proiving yourself as the creator of the account to Jagex, for them to manually reset your registered email. From there, you can remove your Authenticator, but the first step is to gain access to a registered email.

You can take a look here to see Jagex's support on your email being old/inaccessible.

To begin the process of account recovery, you can look through the steps laid out here.

Best of luck.

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