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Kid Pepsi

Kid Pepsi

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Good Morning,

I am requesting if the thread could be unlocked and moved to Off Topic.
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I wanted to debate with the game community about World politics and how it affects an association.
Moderator Tuffy and I have different political views, and he locked it.
I would love to hear what the rest of the community has to opinionate over this real life event.

20-Oct-2019 18:17:46

Asahel Frost
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Asahel Frost

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Hi Kid Pepsi.

This is not the place to ask about forum moderation.

As the thread has been locked by an Fmod, your only option now is to post on the forum Moderation Review thread, and ask for the moderation of your thread to be reviewed by a Jmod:
Forum Moderation Review V2.
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