Hijacked by a giveaway scam

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TungPunchMe said:
did this same thing on my main account now i cant log in at all and after 2 minutes while i was still playing it logged me out and says i got the password wrong
This means you clicked on a link which immediately gave your hijacker direct access to your computer and ip address.
They used this access to force you out of the game.

Are you certain they have changed the password?
Maybe you entered the wrong login for your account.
Make sure you are identifying the account with the correct login in the recovery form.

Because, if the hijacker changed the password, they must have access to the registered email of your account.
And, if you cannot remember what email you have registered with your account, how has the hijacker managed to access an unknown email?

You need to secure your computer and then recover your Runescape account.
Securing your computer
Then go through the recovery system:
Hijacked account
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i have logged in with username and password not an email, i have no idea what the email was that i use as it was 14 years ago and i have probably had 100 emails since then but all i know is i was putting logs on a bonfire in priff 1 minute and then i got logged out and couldnt get back in and says wrong pssword i have been trying to get one for over 4 hours now .

thank you for the reply

14-Dec-2019 04:48:48

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I know you're only trying to warn people, but it's best not to post the URL.
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I ALSO JUST GOT SCAMMED it was also a give away it looked like the offical runescape page i logged in and they got my information and stole all the cash money it just happend 1 hour ago :(((

06-Jan-2020 09:27:29

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Archfiend 96

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Please forgive my posting here, I am not sure how to make a new post . There does not seem to be a thread for this scam. I have been contacted on more than one occation by am account with a name beginning Jagteam_???? On this occation it was gert, bou there have been other names before. It begins with a compliment about how nice and kind i am etc. It then follows with them offering to make me a moderator. All i have to do is log off and talk to them in the lobby. From there i am sure i will get instructions on how to loose my account im sure. It seens strange that there is no other thread for this issue. Unless of course this is for real, in which case i heve been very rude to a jagex employee! And i apologise.

06-Jan-2020 13:07:19

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@Archfiend 96

Jusr report them ingame for Staff Impersonating and Jagex will ban them. They are NOT Jagex staff.

Do not give them any details. They will hack you and take all your items and cash.

If they keep pestering you then keep reporting them even if they use a different name.
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