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I recently found a "password reset code" email in my mailbox. This was not requested by me and as you can see I have not forgotten my password.

It would help the security of the game if Jagex would offer a method to report this situation so that the culprits can be investigated and prevented from trying to break into other peoples' accounts.

Can someone with access to JMods please pass this proposal on to them? Thanks ;-)

30-Aug-2019 19:45:42



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Hello, Avd.

Considering that you did not request this, it's most likely a phishing attempt. Lately, there has been a surge of these emails sent out to people in order to try to hijack their account. The first red flag should be a "Cancel" button as Jagex never includes that in their emails. Furthermore, these fake emails include your full email address and Jagex doesn't do that either.

I'd suggest you read this thread: Password reset Emails [Info]

This Support article is also informational: Phishing websites and suspicious emails

You can forward these emails to and so that they can take action.

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