Hacked and idk how

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Apr Member 2020


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My account is old, like using acc name not email old, and today somehow all my money and some items were gone, aparently they sold the items then went to a f2p world and traded all the money. I didnt know about the authenticator option, since i was just returning after a few years of hiatus. Checked my computer for any malware but couldn't find anything, nor i logged in any sphishing website.. everything just the day before i could get a 15 year veteran cape.

30-May-2020 17:28:00

Nov Member 2019


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Hey Biodiversal,

The best thing you can do is run another malware/virus scan. Change your recovery e-mail, set up two-factor authentication on it & then set up Authenticator on your RuneScape account.

Change your bank PIN if need be as well.

Unfortunately, Jagex doesn't refund lost items by any means either. I'm sorry man. :(

30-May-2020 18:16:50

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