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I havenít playing in well over a month, I enlisted about a year ago so I havenít had much time to really get on and grind some xp, but when I did I noticed I was in pest control and my entire bank has been wiped clean. Is it fair to assume I will get no assistance with this? -vAztecX
ps:navy for those who are wondering

27-May-2020 19:26:07

Jim Schill 3

Jim Schill 3

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Official statement from Jagex: "We're unable to return items in Old School RuneScape due to technical limitations with the game."
Make sure to scan your pc for viruses etc.
Make also sure that you secure your account:
Page can be found by searching "runescape secure account" on google as well.

/ Jim
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27-May-2020 19:30:01

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Does sound like you've been hacked, unfortunately there isnt alot the Jmods can do about this. It's a case of:

How do they know a friend of yours didnt log in with your permission and take the items.
You could have done it yourself and moved them to an alt.

I'm by no means accusing you of doing this.
But if you have been hacked I feel for you, this happened to me way back when I first started.

Hope this doesn't tarnish your love for the game.

30-May-2020 14:44:35

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