Got hacked today how possible?

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Oct Member 2019


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So im not trying to get my items back but I will tell about something that shoocked me. Now im writing this at 10:27PM but last night at 12AM I logged out of my runescape account and stopped the game. I thought like lets finally play the game after 3 years and having a week break. So right now I couldn't login account and reset password mails came so late in. I got a heart-attack when I saw my character without dragon armor. at history of the grand exchange someone sold all my armor and hacked my account but luckily my bank had a password and he didn't give away all my money. But my question is how is it possible for someone to enter my account, I've never written my account info elsewhere on the internet. And is this very common?

20-Oct-2019 21:29:54

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