Friends account banned.

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Hey there. I understand the rules and so does my friend. He has had his account banned however we only play the game together and we havnt logged in for 475 days. They say he was botting however he has never done that. We have always skilled together. He got a job in december and hasnt played since then until he tried the other day to log in. He has appealed the ban but how is it his fault if his account was hacked. He had the authenticator on and uses his own hosted email address so thats secure. Is it possible to find out what IP address this has happened on because its not fair for someone to be banned if they havnt used their account because they are busy. He also said he never got an email to say that his account had been banned. He cannot do anything but push a few buttons and cant even explain anything or get any information other than form letters.

14-Oct-2019 01:08:39

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If your friend appealed via the Account Bans page, then they should hear back within a week or two regarding the appeal :)

As for IP addresses that have logged into an account, this is not information that Jagex shares with players

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