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Is there any way to get in contact with jagex support my main has been locked and it will not let me recover it. It was created in the early 2000s so the questions are impossible. It was an almost maxed account and because someone tried to hack me I can’t use my own account. Please I need any way I can get this account back and any help would be appreciated. Is

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Hi there

Once an account is locked it means two things:
1. a hijacker has found out your login AND password and has tried to log into the game on your account.
2. you now need access to the current registered email to unlock it.

If you don't have access to the current registered email, your only option is to do a full 'recovery' on your account.
A full recovery means proving that you created the account and this involves providing information from the creation days.
Creation month/year - Creation location - Creation ISP - early Password - earliest Payments

If you need to do a recovery, you will find there are no shortcuts.

The creation information is not too hard to source:
Talking to Hans in Lumbridge will give you the age of the account (surely you have done this when you got your ten year cape and maybe 15 year cape)
You should know the creation location.
Your family might be able to help you with the creation ISP.
Any password other than the most recent one is useful but earlier the better.
Can you remember how payments were made when you first started payments for the account? You might not have a transaction ID but you should still know who paid, how they paid and their postcode and email.
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