Account hacked? (OSRS)

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So I logged off right at the Nightmare Zone yesterday and when I logged back in today, I was at Castle Wars (in a clan chat I've never heard of of before) with everything of value gone! Now, honestly i could have taken greater measures to secure my account but I'm genuinely perplexed as to HOW my account was accessed. I never click on any fishy looking link or ads, I never really interact with anyone in game and I virus/malware scan my computer every second day. I'm afraid of putting new security measures in place as of now in case the hacker still somehow has access to my information. My lost items, sure, I can regain over time. However what I need help with is pinpointing EXACTLY HOW my account was accessed so that I can prevent it from happening again. Can anybody help me with this?

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Hey, Zanaas.

First of all, I recommend you read this Support article: Hijacked account.

As for your question, a hijacker may access your account by having the full details to your registered email address and being able to change anything on your RuneScape account such as the Authenticator and password. Another way would be through a Remove Access Trojan (RAT) where a hijacker can have full access to your computer and act as if it were you on the account without leaving a trace or your knowledge.

You should definitely scan your computer for viruses, trojans, keyloggers, etc to make sure that it's completely clean. Once you are sure of that, then I would go ahead to secure your registered email address with 2-Step Verification. This is to make it harder for anyone that's trying to steal your account.

All in all, you will find all the details you need in order to completely secure your computer, RuneScape account and registered email address here through this Support article: Security.

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You should also consider having a separate email address for your RuneScape that you can only use for your account so no other account or online game or anything.

That way it's far less likely to get leaked or out there in the public, having a safe registered email is very important for your account like the advice you have already :)
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Some good advices already given :)

Make sure that Your Email(s) are secure with 2fa , reason this is very importen , is because the registered email are the front door key to our account(s)

Set up Auth up for all your accounts

If you find that disabled , is that a sign of some one has access to your email
If it is still active , then did you get phished some how or allowed a RAT into your system

Bank Pin for your in-game wealth / This is the most secure piece we can have.

It can only be breached in 1 (2) ways :

1. You got phished some how

2. You allowed a RAT into your system

Meaning the leak came from US the consumers.

Stick to those clients Jagex provide for us to use.
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