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i have been blocked from accessing myaccount for more than a week to come back to find myself hacked, i contacted the support last saturday and they didnt even care to reply or help.... I want my account re rolled to the day before you blocked me from access

12-Oct-2019 13:54:54

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12-Oct-2019 14:57:26

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Hi there

I know this is past now but, when you are unable to log in due to a hijacker, you immediately start the process to recover your account.
Instructions: Hijacked account
This will force the hijacker off the account and return control to you though you must follow all three instructions in there to ensure the hijacker does not return.

You want your account rolled back to the time before the hijacker took control.
The account rollbacks that people talk about are actually only stat rollbacks, not time rollbacks. A stat rollback will not return items or gp.
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12-Oct-2019 22:01:56

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