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I have been in the process of attempting to change all my information due to a leak at my domain email sight. No matter how many times I request to get a code to change my email this code is not sent no matter what trash, inbox or spam folder I look into. Someone requested a new bank pin which means the hacker can get past my authenticator.. I am trying to get this issue resolved as soon as possible so I can feel safe playing on my account again.

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If you cannot get the email sent... check into the "not recieveing email" support page.

Then if you still cannot get an email , it has been suggested you use a gmail for your
new email as it works well with Jagex emails.

you would end up having to do a full account recovery if you cannot recieve the
email to change email.
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14-Dec-2019 16:21:33

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Most email providers have a guide for securing your email.
- AOL:
Aside from changing your email password, you should check for email filters and auto-forwards.

If someone somehow got access to your authenticator because your phone got hacked or something like that, you can disable the authenticator and re-enable it. That will generate a new authenticator code. I recommend using Authy as your authenticator app so you can better monitor what devices can see your authenticator code; you can put Authy on your phone and on Google Chrome as an app on multiple devices which is nice as well.

I just tried clicking on the link to change my registered email and got an email titled "You have requested to change your email address" right away to my current registered email from "Jagex <>". Try searching for those in your email. They should go into your inbox.

If for some reason searching the email doesn't work, I'd try creating a filter for Jagex's emails so that they automatically get added to a folder (Ref).

If that doesn't work, you can always send a password reset ticket asking a JMod to change the email for you by selecting that you no longer have access to your email.

Let me know if this helps. :)
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14-Dec-2019 17:15:40

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Thanks everyone for the concern, and thanks the Mod that moved the thread to the right location. The problem has been solved! Changing my password again it asked me for a valid email address, and I was able to provide my account with a brand new email.

Thanks so much! Really, truly thankful.

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