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Playing this game for over 12 years, never muted or banned. Probably over 10k hours...

My story:
Since a famous youtuber made a video some years ago, with looting in wildy , i made a decision to start playing osrs again.
I was thinking of making a pure and also a looter. Soon i realized making a bond with f2p pvp worlds looting is aids, because there are like 20 looters on 1 pile.
And training my pure alone was boring.
So i decided to pay real $ for a 1 month membership.
And looting in pvp worlds made me over 1m gp/day ~ 4-8 hours looting.
Even when its a bad money maker, i had fun doing it.
Also at this time Runelite and OSBuddy were a thing.
I was curious if its legal or not and i tried them out, cause even mods said its legal.
After using OSBuddy for some time i changed to RuneLite , because ground items could have colors, thats what helped me.
I never used any other options of this clients, beside OSBuddy prices and ground colors for items.

Now 1 week ago i got banned for "massive macroing" , i got a message from a JMod which is not even personal , i feel like just copy pasted answer and name/email changed.
This is the worst support i ever seen on a game.
Like i said 12 years in this game and never had issues or had to deal with support.
Now i cant contact the support team, because i appealed 1 time to this ban and its "decided".

After reading some posts in this forums , about same problems and getting no help, because the decisions are final, i feel like jagex is not careing about people anymore...
very sad

Sad thing is my pure is not banned and my looter level 3 is banned.
Even when you think ok, they might did a mistake because a level 3 could also been seen as a bot...
my level 3 : 10letterpwn
has a total level of over 300 and was last 2 weeks before ban on a bounty world.
Just so you know -> 99% of looting bots are cb 40+ because they level combat to get that 300 total

Thanks for reading
Thanks for nothing jagex

19-Oct-2019 15:41:34

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It is a shame to hear you were banned. Sadly the forums will not be able to help you in any way for ending this ban as all bans are manually checked by Jagex staff prior to being implimented.

Good luck on any future accounts you make. If not, then good luck with your next steps in life!

I like to help people. Feel free to ask for advice/help. :-)

My clan - Astral Turtles 3 year Runefester
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19-Oct-2019 16:54:23

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19-Oct-2019 19:51:28

CM Shaddie

CM Shaddie

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Seems this thread is not quite looking for help with their issue. As such I have locked it. They said I could become anything, so I became a torch.

Your friendly neighborhood CM!

19-Oct-2019 21:55:56

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