Bug reporting here srry.

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Sorry. Have to type a bug report here because my internet is malfunctioning on my PC so I can't create an ingame report.

I logged in several hours ago, no issues. Logged in after getting home, entered PoP and everything was working.... till I tried changing a crew member on my ship. Crew didn't swap and shortly after the game DCd. Not only did the Runescape nxt client fail, all the networks on my list vanished. I shut down (my phone was still connected and my physical router was showing all good lights.) And restarted. Net still down shut down again, net was up when I restarted. Back into PoP after moving around a bit. Then, same thing happened again. My net is only having issues due to RS and PoP. As long as I don't go into PoP nothing negative seems to happen.

No idea what is going on as there's no error of any kind. Any ideas?

09-Aug-2019 06:52:28

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