Blank error message on launch.

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Ravock Gamma

Ravock Gamma

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Hey guys!
I just started playing Runescape and, for some unknown reason, I'm getting a blank error message when I try to launch the game.

I managed to play for maybe an hour before the game flashed a black screen and froze.
I had to force close it through the Task Manager but ever since then, I get the blank error message...

I've tried reinstalling the game, but it didn't work.
I have all my drivers updated but I reinstalled my OS (Windows 10) a couple days ago, so I might've forgotten something.

If you can help me, it'll be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

19-Nov-2019 22:15:47

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Thanks for the reply Legaia.
We tried everything, his drivers was up to date.

I brought him to RuneScape. And I never have seen such error in my whole 12 years of playing.

And the solution was even more unexpected.
The problem was the icon in the desktop. Yes, the shortcut that the RuneScape Oficial Installer put in the desktop.

The shortcut was leading to the site, that was leading back to his computed, causing a loop, then a blank error, i think.
He deleted the shortcut and ran the game by the launcher (the game icon) in the game directory.
And Poof, it worked.

The staff shoud see this, maybe have more players having this trouble, new gamers that doesn't know about the forum or Tech Support.
He installed the game, played a bit and the game crashed, after that, the desktop shortcut got corrupted.

Awkward blank error, even more awkward solution.
Thanks for the replies :)

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