Underground Pass quest bugged

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So I have sent bug reports and I guess this is the most direct way to get some kind of confirmation about how to deal with this. I am doing the underground pass quest and have gotten to the puzzle of the trapdoors that you need to cross to reach the lever. However it is impossible for me to reach said lever. I put I diagram below of how the tiles are arranged using (o) for safe (x) for traps and (u) for unknown. Keep in mind that you start on the right hand side and cannot move outside of the grid while on it...


As you can see, I can reach the top left corner of the grid but there is no solution to the puzzle as I cannot reach the bottom left no matter what route I take. Any help in addressing this issue would be GREATLY appreciated as I have spent literal hours on trying to do this puzzle to no avail. Thanks in advance.

09-Jul-2019 05:11:37

Aethel Wolf
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Hello Datgiantmonk

You only need to get from the east to west side of the puzzle. If you want to access the lever, there is a small path between the gate and the tiles. Leave the puzzle from the top left corner and run directly south.

09-Jul-2019 07:48:44

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