OSRS Launcher Won't Open

Quick find code: 409-410-911-66130851

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I have sent this in as a suggestion already. MY JAG-GUYS, please if you do one thing in 2020 get your client up to date. The hell with anything else until you do. Thank you.

Larkinor is looking more interesting everyday lol.
One Love!

05-Dec-2019 12:12:08

Dark Scyther
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Dark Scyther

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The problem started on DECEMBER 4th.

I also started having this issue on my Lenovo Thinkpad with the OSRS launcher, this may not be connected but it happened almost immediately after JAGEX switched RS3 to NXT... no link to OSRS with NXT apparently... but something somewhere is not right with the launcher for PC.

Several other before me have posted this same problem.... i checked youtube and there are videos 3 years old of people having this launcher issue. So this problem is not a new one it is just HAPPENING AGAIN.. please fix this.

Currently, the only solution is either: DELETE AND REINSTALL CLIENT, run as an administrator (windows xp 3 in compatibility properties)
(adding to the firewall as allowed does nothing)

ONLY FIX IS TO LOAD 50 TIMES until it works!

09-Dec-2019 17:21:49

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