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A Red Cow

A Red Cow

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Hey Everyone,

As I have started to lose interest in the game. I feel it is time to sell my small collections of Sweetcorn Seeds, Onion Seeds, and Mint Cakes so that someone else can enjoy them.

I have approximately:
1.2M Sweetcorn Seeds = (500/4 Buy limit) 400 Days
1.5M Onion Seeds = (500/4 Buy limit) 500 Days
415k Mint Cakes = (100/4 Buy limit) 691.6 Days

The Seeds and Cakes are on my main account. As I do not play it that often anymore, I posted with my Ironman. Also, just because I said I'm losing interest doesn't mean I'm quiting or selling them for rock bottom prices.

You can message me here or message this account in game.


15-Oct-2019 07:37:16

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