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Hey guys, question... my account gets a legacy rate for membership due to not lapsing in membership for years. I need to change the credit card my account is billed to. Everywhere I look on the RS website and elsewhere on the internet says I have to start a new subscription to change my credit card. When I go to do that, it only offers me current rates, which are more expensive than what I currently pay. Is there any way to switch to a new credit card and keep my legacy rate?

RS's customer support page is no help, and there is literally no way I've found to contact Jagex directly with this question. Please help!

02-Sep-2019 03:44:08

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I just checked this for myself, and when I visit the "Subscribe" link in the top right corner of this page, I see a list of membership prices that are crossed out and replaced by the lower legacy prices that I qualify for.

In order to replace a credit card, you do need to start a new subscription.

Lastly, I've moved your thread into the payment support forum, which is better suited for your question.
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