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Player Gallery

Hello everyone!

Hope you have your hatchets at the ready – and you’ll need some big ones – because Solak is coming next week! And to celebrate, we want to see your Guardian of the Grove art. Welcome to the 60th Player Gallery!

Come to the Grove, but be prepared, as nature will strike back! We want to see it all in your artwork, so think combat, think lore, think lots of green and maybe a bit of a wooden underbite. We’re excited to see all your brilliant work, and we can’t wait to see what you'll come up with for us to show here!

The top 10 entries will get a month of free membership; 3rd place also gets 3 Bonds; 2nd place gets all that, plus 400 RuneCoins. And we have a grand prize worth of RuneScape’s toughest boss yet - a unique 3D-printed, hand-painted Solak figurine - plus all the other prizes!

To get involved, post your artwork on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #SolakGallery, or send it over to us at (make sure to include your RSN). Entries accepted up until the 17th of June!

Good luck! You’re going to need a bigger bow for this one!

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@any and all mods
I absolutely love player galleries, but please run these better. It took you guys over 6 whole weeks to make an announcement while in the meantime you guys left us in the dark. I love doing player galleries and I love Runescape but you guys are killing us on this. At the very minimum we need some sort of feedback like "hey guys, winners will be announced in X amount of time." Ideally it would be great if you guys had some sort of schedule where we could actually know exactly when to expect to see results or any updates.

As always, best of luck to everyone else, I really do look forward to seeing the results and hopefully will enter myself. I'm excited that Player Galleries are being run more often, I just hope they are managed better as we go forward.
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30-May-2018 21:40:02

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