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Hello Scapers!

A few days ago, we’ve announced that we would be starting to work on a new project - Activity Pets - and we need your help in designing them!

We’ve launched an in-game poll to ask you which activities in Gielinor you’d like them to be tied with. First feedback from this poll suggested that the update was not wanted by all of you, and that our efforts should be focused on other changes.

So we decided to make some changes to that project. Read on our latest blog post for all details on the current plan.

Now has come the time to design those pets, and we'd love to imply the community in this process. The best way of doing so is with a nice competition!


Dates: this competition runs from now until Sunday December 1st, 23:59 (UK Time)
Prize: 6-Month RuneScape Membership & a LARP Godsword!

Here’s a rundown of the process we’ll follow to turn this project into final in-game content:
#1 – Players submit their pet concepts
#2 – Our teams select their favourites
#3 – Shortlisted designs are polled with our in-game polling system
#4 – Results announced in the Game Update news post following the end of the polls
#5 – Modelling, Animation and Development starts
#6 – Activity Pets are released into the game!


As we want to give you all the possibility the enter this Activity Pets design competition, you will be able to submit your design in several ways:
• Email: (please add “Activity Pets Competition” in the title)
• Twitter or Instagram: use #RSActivityPet in your post so we can find it (tagging us is a plus!)
• Facebook: in the comments of posts we’ll share on our official page to promote the competition
• Discord: in the #activity-pets chan of our official server

You can submit as many entries as you like, as long as they all include:
• Image of your pet (hand drawing, painting, 3D render or any other form). Remember that it needs to follow one of those four themes: Clue Scroll, Area, Moneymaking, RuneScore.
• Name of your pet
• Any relevant info that helps understand your concept

Also, this is not an art competition, it doesn't matter how good your drawing is. We will be focusing on your creative ideas more than artistic talent!


By entering this competition, you accept our general Terms & Conditions.
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"• Facebook: in the comments of posts we’ll share on our official page to promote the competition"

Thank you for the lovely opportunity! I just submitted my own concept in a mail, but I figured I'd drop the design in a Facebook comment as well, so my fellow players can already check out the design as well, however I can't seem to find a post on the Facebook page dedicated to this competition? Are there none around yet?

Good luck to everyone, eager to see some lovely designs show up in the poll!

19-Nov-2019 13:40:26

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We really could do with a complete overhaul of clan citadels as we are missing a lot of options for events in the notice board and the glitchiness of the notice board gets very annoying when you're trying to add events to it for the week.

19-Nov-2019 18:54:47

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First time participating in a competition. Hope it gets through the first phase at least :D
Happy to help
Feel free to
PM in-game
, always
to everyone.

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