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The Library of Menaphos

In the Golden City of Menaphos lies a huge library filled with books. Amid those ancient tomes could be one written by you!

The Library of Menaphos

We would like to invite you to write short texts that we can add to this amazing in-game library; a very rare chance to add content directly to the game. They could be almost anything – a piece of fiction, some undiscovered lore or the ranting prophecies of a dangerous seer. It is up to you to decide.

We'll be taking short submissions of up to 250 words at until Monday 17th April and choosing our favourites from those we receive and adding them to the library of the Golden City.

Discuss the competition on the thread below. You can also read the Terms and conditions for all our competitions.
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Oh wow! Definitely doing this!

Hoping the library doesn't get burnt down, Alexandria-style.
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Awesome, the concept arts looks sweet too! I hope there will be a lot of books there, some useful while others are rather fun. EXP is not important, it's important to have fun and play with your friends.:) -Lopendebank3

03-Apr-2017 11:52:09



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Ooh, sounds like fun! I especially like the "ranting prophecies of a dangerous seer" idea; combined with my liking of Inception-esque/circular plot twists, it presents quite a few interesting possibilities...

03-Apr-2017 12:01:32

Miss Alaska
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Miss Alaska

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Can't wait to see the works that get placed in the library!
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03-Apr-2017 12:21:57

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