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Hello there,
We're setting up a meeting to discuss the future of the Flying Kacklers union. We're not closing the union, but we feel it's a necessary step to reset the current system and build back from the scratch with those that wish to be involved. In the end we hope to re-start our regurly events at the beginning of December, restoring back the original purpose of the Kacklers Union.
The meeting will be held this Thursday at 7.00 pm GMT, and is free to attend for anyone that wish to get (or is) involved into the union.
~ The Flying Kacklers - 90-91-259-63229132

21-Nov-2011 22:40:29

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Dear Kacklers,
As of today we are conducting a Clan-Sweep. This meaning that we request yourself to respond to our current thread (QFC shown bellow) with any changes you may/ may not have made to your Clan. Reason we are conducting this sweep is to ensure all clans are active and alive. All clan representatives have until 11th December, 2011 to respond.
please fill in the following & post on our thread:-

Clan name:
Representatives (Maximum Of Two):
Amount of Members:
Quick find code:

Thank you for your time,
~ Zaku
Part-Leader of The Flying Kacklers
Quick find code: 90-91-259-63229132

27-Nov-2011 21:32:23

Venus Isacc
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Venus Isacc

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Important Announcement: I kept forgetting to post this for one month, as other things kept making me forget or not have time to do this. Sorry for this being so late.
TGNP is announcing that it is officially closing. :( Both Blood and I came to this decision. We had so much inactivity from everyone, that it was as if we were already done with TGNP. Our FC: Newb Drive will be temporarily closed for now.
I would like to thanks everyone who was apart of TGNP or supported us. We couldn't have done what we did do without you. What will happen from here on out has yet to be decided, but i will be updating the thread with more details soon.
Once again, thank you everyone, and hopefully what we did accomplish won't be forgotten. :)
-Venus Isacc, Forum Management Leader of TGNP.

11-Feb-2012 02:23:43

Venus Isacc
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Venus Isacc

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Hey evan, i haven't seen you in forever. :(
But yes, anyone who was once part of TGNP for a good while may re-start it up at anytime they wish. They just need to simply let any of the rest of us know in case we want to help them in any way, and me so i can give them all the thread stuff, as i will soon be removing parts of it to my computer for safekeeping, organizational things, and to re-format parts of it.
I *might* be able to start a few things up with TGNP close to Summer, but i'm not entirely sure yet.

07-Mar-2012 21:18:26

Venus Isacc
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Venus Isacc

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Yes, we do need to return to our roots. I agree with everything you said.
The "Newb Drive" Friend Chat is still open and free to use if anyone wants to hang out there/try and get people to hang out there to try and get more people involved. ;)

29-Mar-2012 01:58:58



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I want to start back up TGNP soo badly... I've been thinking about it and going to do something in the summer. I also have to do some firemaking.. going to get 74.. but anyways, I'd love to go back to our roots too. The leadership thing.. that'd have to be discussed in a community meeting.. :D. I honestly miss this forum and the clan/community and I want to come back after 4 months of no runescape I'd love to get back to my old ways back 2-3 years ago.
The idea of starting TGNP is inteligente. :)
Semper Fidelis<3
-Missy; Leader/Co-Leader of TGNP

01-Apr-2012 19:42:01

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