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It has been a little over 1 year since you stepped down and let me, blood, fire (now rain) take over. After this 1 year all i have to say is...
Thanks for making this group. :)
I have no idea what my Rs life or anyone who is/was in TGNP's Rs life would be like without TGNP. This group i think has truly made an impact. And i promise to do my best to keep this group alive!
Even though TGNP and you have had some conflicts in the past year, I hope we can finally let those go and work together to re-build this community. :)
P.S. Do not forget to thank Rainstar. She played a big part in keeping this group alive.

14-Jun-2011 04:12:57



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Hi everyone
There's another Lumbridge festival coming up and I thought The Global Newb Project might be interested in joining us, considering our goal is very similar. :D
Welcome to Lumbridge Festivals are events in which the Runescape community comes together to help the newer players of the game. Starting the event, we have a huge conga line to promote the festivities taking place. After that when we arrive back in Lumbridge each event group will run their own station (Q&A, forum awareness, skilling stations, trivia, etc) and the new players will come and go as they like, learning more about the game in the process.
If you do decide to join us, we're having an interest meeting this Friday to discuss the festival in more detail. :)
~-~Welcome to Lumbridge Interest Meeting~-~
Date: Friday, June 17th
Time: 4pm EST --- 9pm BST --- 1pm PST
World: 16 (Free to Play)
Host: Slayer 5438
Meet: Lumbridge Castle Basement

~-~Welcome To Lumbridge Festival~-~
Date: Saturday, July 2nd
Time: 2pm EST --- 7pm BST --- 11am PST
World: 3 (Free to play)
Host: Slayer 5438 and DWarlord, assisted by MrsWetlander and The Zero
Meet: Lumbridge
Thanks and I hope you decide to take part in the festival. :)
~Slayer 5438~

15-Jun-2011 23:14:23



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Hi guys.
Our members list was recently updated. As you can see.. we're running a little low on members.
If you're reading this, and would like to join.. Post an app!
It'd be awesome to meet you and we definitely need more members and players coming to events.

~Red ^_^

16-Jun-2011 02:41:21

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