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Hey everyone,

To celebrate the Land Out of Time's release, we decided to run a game of consequences to let you win some in-game goodies!

The Theme is
on the island.

So how do I play?

The game of consequences is a simple one, all you need to do is continue the story from the person above... It's litterally just that - continue on the story!

...However, there's a catch, you can only write
words... and you can't reply to yourself!


1. You can't reply to yourself, make sure to leave at least one poster between your last post. Any follow up posts (beside accidental doubles) will be disqualified.
2. You can only use FIVE words, any more words will disqualify your post.
3. There is no limit on how many times you can reply to this thread, as long as you have a space between your posts as said above.
4. Keep the story clean... please! Kind of goes without saying, but let's avoid any strange detours into that type of "fanfic" territory.
5. Stick to the theme as much as possible, but don't feel it restricts you too much.

What are the Prizes?

We have 9 Prizes that will be allocated at random to participants, if you win you'll receive one of the following prizes at random:

1. 1 RuneScape Bond - X3
2. 1 Umbral Chest - X3
3. 400 RuneCoins - X3

Let's get exploring then! I'll start the story in the post below!

Cheers and good luck,

Mod Meadows.
~RuneScape Community Management.
~ Mod Meadows ~ Forum Curator ~ Tweet Me @JagexMeadows ~

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