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The Nameless Pub of Menaphos

Like so many cities in RuneScape the Golden City has its very own tavern. But we have not named it yet and are inviting you, the players, to do so.

The Golden City of Menaphos

Perhaps you would want to visit the Drunken Sphinx, the Red Sails or the Sticky Carpet - or a place with a much better name?

If you are up for the challenge - send us your suggestions to or share your names on this forum, on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #TheNamelessPub before 23:59 UTC on Thursday, 27th April.

The Titans will then choose their favourite and add it to the city ready for you to explore! Good luck!

Feel free to discuss the competition on the thread below or make your suggestions here. You can also read the terms and conditions for all our competitions HERE.
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Alrightie! As I'm not too sure on whether I can send more than one suggestion, I'll send more than one suggestion!

Sand In Your Pants
Scorching Smugglers
Scorching Throat
Brewed Awakening
Holy Smokes
Shantay, You Stay
Kalphite or Flight
Desert Disaster
Tumeken's Dreams
It's Cactus
Bandit's Brewery
Who Does He Sphinx He Is?
Eye of the Camel
Don't Go Sophanem
No Luzerz
Turn Up The Heat
One Repubullek
Dusty Devils
It's Dorgesh-Kaan, not Dorgesh-Kaanot
You Think You're Sophanem
Don't be Anoobis
Lost My Mummy

I'm so sorry for the extremely bad puns, I got carried away!
Mental Health
Sweaty Fingers
Mod Meadows

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The Kalphites Credle.
Remove the 2600 level restriction from world 48!

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The Dusty Oasis
" ore "
The Sandy Oasis

Sounds fun, How many names may we enter?

Goodluck All!
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