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Winter Weekends just got cooler!

Who wants to win some awesome Jagex goodies?!

Each week leading up to the Winter Weekends I'll be hosting a give away based on some made-up reproduction steps that are incredibly similar to some of the bug reports we get on a daily basis. Please note that these bugs are going to be made up and aren't existing bugs.

Your task, if you chose to accept it is a simple one: Find out what I am referring too, the more detail you put in the better. :p

This weeks riddle!


What do I need to do?

In short, what you need to do is respond to the week’s question, with what you believe the made-up bug is - however some may not even be bugs at all! As a bonus, the more detail you give, the better your weightage when you go into the random luck of the draw. I'm going to warn you though; the questions will be as vague as some of the bug reports we get sent to us! :p

If you wish to follow a template, then do this:
- Firstly, state if it is a bug or not.
- Secondly state what the bug is / isn't - some maybe just pure guess work, but that's fine.
- Then give any extra information to back up your case.

As an example:

1. "Hideout location has gone missing behind the castle, can't complete quest with goblins. Can't find the pink people? The door has gone missing!"

- Firstly, this isn't a bug at all.
- With the Battle of Lumbridge the location of the H.A.M. Hideout was moved; in this instance, this is just a case where the player hasn't been aware of the move.
- The Quest the player is doing is: "Death to the Dorgeshuun"

2. "Can boost my level but I can't pickpocket pink ladies in the dungeon."

- This is a bug
- The player is trying to pick pocket female H.A.M members but for some reason the boost isn't letting them do the actual pickpocketing
- The player could be using a bandit's brew at level 14 thieving or could be using the Abyssal Stealth summoning scroll at level 11 thieving.

Why are you doing this?

On a daily basis, us in the QA Team are actively checking the bug reports that are being sent into us, however many bug reports are incredibly vague and can be quite confusing at the best of times! So I'm hoping that this is an informative and fun way to show you what kind of reports we get, and how we in QA would go about figuring out what it is!

... Oh and it's also Christmas! I love Christmas and I love competitions! Waheeeeeey!

Who can enter?

Anyone can enter, where ever you are in the world you're welcome to have an attempt at the competition. If you win, I'll contact you and we can arrange a way for you to get your goodies!

However, if you are under 18 and win, you will need to seek a parent or guardians permission before you give your address so we can post your winnings out to you!

How can I enter?

I'll be posting the questions, which I aim to get out on Mondays, across the Forums, Reddit and Twitter. All you need to do is reply on the format of your choice and you'll have a chance to win. If you reply on more than one, you'll have an even higher chance of winning! ;)

This is open to both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape players, so anyone can participate!

Just as an FYI: During the Christmas period I'll be out of office so I won't be able to post on the forums - but you'll be able to get me on Twitter and Reddit. :) Feel free to post your answer on here though during that time and I'll still consider it!

What are you actually giving away Mod Meadows?

Well my friend, I am giving away the following:

• Signed RuneScape Concept Art from the RuneScape and OldSchool QA Teams
• 7 Days Membership with a bonus of 200 RuneCoins
• A wonderfully orange Jagex pen (it's ink is blue FYI)
• I AM DEADMAN Tee (I have Medium's but if you need larger when you win, give me a shout)
• A magnificent mug with the RuneFest Dragon
• The ARC soundtrack - because even though it's cold and wintery in England, it's hot in the Arc.

What's your twitter?

@JagexMeadows - go on, give me a follow, you know you want too ;)

May the odds be ever in your favour!

Mod Meadows.
~ Mod Meadows ~ Forum Curator ~ Tweet Me @JagexMeadows ~

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Mod Meadows

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Winter Weekends 2017 winners!

Winner 1


Winner 2


Winner 3

"La Chica Sxy"

Winner 4


Winner 5


Winner 6


Winner 7


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Mod Meadows

Mod Meadows

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Being boring and reusing last weeks question 'cause it's Christmas.

Mod Meadows.
~RuneScape Community Management.
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