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Greetings ‘scapers

Following the successful introduction of skilling pets into RuneScape last year, the Ninja team will be bringing out pets for all the combat skills as well. After seeing some great player suggestions posted on the forums, twitter and reddit, we would like to make it an official competition to design the pet for each of these skills.

Submission is really easy. Send a picture of your pet concept to with the following:

‘Combat Pet Competition’ in the Subject Title
Your display name
Name of the pet
The skill the pet is for
An illustration of the pet (must be original work, no photos or art taken from elsewhere)
And any other details you wish to include

Alternatively you can enter on twitter or instagram using the hashtag #MyCombatPet. Please don't forget the above details, these can be on the image.

Don’t worry if your art skills aren’t all that great, we are looking for the best concept, not the best art.

The closing date for submissions is the 9th May!

How the Competition Will Work

Stage 1: Submit a pet concept for any of the following skills; Attack, Constitution, Defence, Magic, Prayer, Ranged, Strength or Summoning

Stage 2: Ninja Team will pick top 5 for each skill

Stage 3: The selected 5 for each skill will be polled in-game.

Stage 4: Ninja team will model and animate the winner

Stage 5: The pets will be released into the game


I posted an idea previously, do I have to submit it as well?
Yes please. Whilst we have seen a lot of ideas, we may have missed some, so best that everybody submits their ideas to be sure we have them all.

How many submissions can I make?
As many as you like, for as many skills as you like. Please just submit each idea individually.

Why must the picture be original?
We will be using your images in the polls in-game, therefore we cannot include photos or artwork from another source

Poll Schedule

To come...

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I can try something, but my art skills aren't polished. Still, I understand it won't hurt to submit a concept!

I have a pretty clear idea in mind for one of the skills we have to make pets for, at least...
Oh, I almost forgot.
Oh, I already forgot.

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I'm glad that you guys decided to let the community be involved with the design, definitely a smart move with this particular piece of content. I can't wait to see all the submissions!
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Oh, I am SO getting in on this.

Though uh...I would like to ask - Would the winners be able to get their pet automatically, or would they have to cross their fingers on a drop so they can get their own creation?
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Prayer will be an imp with angel wings and angel tunic. Its examine says 'A little devil that is righteous...or is it?' What its wearing implies goodness but it's an imp after all. Feel free to take a look at my suggestions: 200m xp prestige

18-Apr-2017 17:03:32

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