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I'd like to suggest two big changes to the way the mobile layout is, which I feel would greatly enhance the user's capabilities and take mobile from mainly being utilized for AFK activities, to more of a standalone platform, actually capable of handling more interactive activities, with minimal disadvantages over PC users.

First, change how the GUI is split on the left/right depending on which interface is open. Instead make the interface itself permanently on the right side of screen, with the tab interfaces (inventory, prayer, magic book, etc.) permanently on the left with 2 rows (spaced out to prevent misclicks).

Additionally, add tap to * buttons near the tab interfaces. For example, there could be a tap to right click button, which when pressed, would default all other taps to right click interfaces instead of left clicks, bypassing the need to hold for right clicking if the player doesn't desire that (now allowing instant right clicks without defaulting to right clicks). These could all be hidden similar to the shift drop. I would prefer these to require 2 fingers to use, instead of turning on/off, allowing the user far more control over what they were doing (make tap on/off or hold to use a setting).

Hopefully I explained my vision well enough, feel free to let me know if anything is unclear and needs to be explained better; and of course any constructive criticism is welcome, as usual.

Rough visualization of general idea:

now of course, I'd want another button for tap to hold for right click, on the left side. This would be toggleable, similar to tap to drop. There could be other tap to ... as toggles also.
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would be great to add a new configuration so that mobile users can edit the game interface. For example, move the bag or prayer to another more comfortable place. Perfect for pvp gamer like me and pve for raid. PC user has a key binding

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I believe being able to move the tabs around to your own style would work best for being left or right hand dominant. I feel this would greatly increase osrs mobiles enjoyment and make for smoother gameplay.

01-Jun-2019 16:26:34

Dr  Mario55

Dr  Mario55

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this smells like RS3 to me, but i agree about placing the windows on the right and the buttons on the left. i feel this is more ergonomic. another possibility would be to just put everything to the right, i feel like the oldest of old school players might think keeping the things to one side would make things more like muscle memory.
Android mouse support please in addition to this overhaul.

05-Jun-2019 10:45:49

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