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Known Issues ( and Bugs)

  • Ice whip/Volcanic whip animations do not show.
  • When trying to cast Charge Orb your spell selection will be cancelled when navigating to the inventory.
  • Some users may experience issues when trying to play using a mobile data connection (as opposed to WiFi). This is related to an issue with some networks (such as Vodafone) incorrectly blocking data from Old School RuneScape. Whilst we try to resolve the issue directly with these networks, we'd strongly recommend contacting your network provider to see if they can resolve the issue.
  • Unable to play music in a background application whilst playing OS Mobile. Audio can also be disrupted when minimizing the app (iOS).
  • Unable to view runes required for spells in the spellbook (iOS & Android).
  • The bond pouch is currently unavailable (iOS).

    Current Feedback

    The following interfaces are hard to navigate: Quests, Achievement Diary, Minigames, Kourend Favour, Spirit tree teleportation, Jewelry box, World select, Poll booth.

    It's hard to view tooltips for Combat Options (attack styles, and special attacks), Prayer (description of the Prayer), and Spellbook (such as Runes required).

    It's hard to navigate the Spellbook (the icons are too small to tap).
    A redesign of the Spellbook itself for mobile is underway.

    The entire dialogue box should be tappable when 'Tap here to continue' is shown, and there should be a mini-menu when multi-choice dialogue appears.

    Font colour for private messages should be customisable, or reflect the cyan from desktop.

    Reporting players is difficult: it's easy to accidentally report via chat, and it's hard to do via the Report button.

    It's sometimes easy to accidentally drag items in the Bank when swipe scrolling.

    Some players would prefer an alternative TLI (Top Level Interface), or have it completely customisable.
    There is no scope to allow customisable set-ups, but an alternative offering could be made.

    Some players would prefer an alternative way of navigating the camera (inverted camera).

    It's difficult to navigate the Scroll of redirection options (selecting a location) because the options are very close together. Community Manager for Old School RuneScape
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