Macro ban 4 playing moblie RSThread is locked

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@ Steel 5 LRO - Please follow Aethel Wolf's instructions above, if you wish to appeal.

If you need additional assistance, you may make your own thread to ask for that. In the regular discussion forums, it is appreciated that you check to see if there is already a thread open for the topic you wish to discuss.

However, in the Community Led Support Forums, it is much easier to give everyone the help they are looking for if each user creates their own thread about their issue.

Every user's situation is somewhat unique, and it can get confusing as to which post is to which user, when more than one player is trying to get help on the same thread. Advice given to the original player may not apply in each case. Also, when tacking your situation on to another player's thread, those helping may recognize the thread as one where the issue had already been solved, and may not notice that a different situation has been added to that thread.


Thread locked to prevent future hijacking.

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25-Sep-2019 03:48:52

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