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Just yesterday after grinding serveral different skills and money making methods. (wc, fishing, runecrafting, mining, magic, zammy wines, rune packs) all day on mobile osrs on my account alpha man888 to finally achive atleast 508 total levels for the 500 skill worlds. I probably went from 430 total levels to 508 in about 7-9 hours since many of my skilling levels were still at level 1. I wake up this morning to find out my account was banned for macroing without a way to even try and give a explanation or defense.

I thought mobile osrs meant being able to play more runescape in our daily lives than we ever could before and that's what I enjoyed most about it. Being able to play on my mobile phone let me gain more exp for much longer than I ever could when I was a kid sitting infornt of a desktop. But all that time spent grinding just to get banned for playing too much? C'mon man.

03-Dec-2018 16:54:42

Aethel Wolf
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Aethel Wolf

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Hello alphapike11

Firstly, I hoped that you have been using the official OSRS Mobile app and not some other fake applications which can be used to steal login information. In addition, if you happen to had gain access to suspicious links/e-mails/apps, hijackers can take your information to log in to your account and use it to break rules.

Please use this link to appeal the ban if you have not done so.

Make sure you have secured your account (Authenticator, 2FA for your registered e-mail address) before you continue. You should also secure your mobile device if you have not done so,

03-Dec-2018 18:52:19



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I wasn't hacked or anything, I tried logging in thru my pc on the official osrs launcher this morning and it seems I really am banned. Sad to say, but hours of grinding only for it to end like this? I guess coming back to runescape just wasn't meant to be.

04-Dec-2018 00:51:33



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The same thing happened to me. Been playing hard for a week straight trying to get my mining up so I could get into the miners guild. I am a truck driver so I have a lot of down top at stops. I’ve been grinding away for days. Work up this morning and logged on. Started mining iron and boom got logged out. Says I was banned. I have never ever been banned before. Never used a bot. This account got muted for using bad language like 8 years ago. But other than that never had a problem. After searching Facebook and some forums i have found that we arnt the only one with the problems. Jagex system is fraudulently banning us for something we arnt doing on mobile. My question is what are they gonna do it about? MrMini92

And yes I already tried ur ridiculous appeal. Should have to appeal something I didn’t do!

06-Dec-2018 15:26:38

Steel 5 LRON
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Steel 5 LRON

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Same thing here... was persuaded to play again from a few friends, been grinding sand crabs on OSRS mobile afkly while at work... and now I’m banned. What’s the point in mobile if you can** afk... and what’s the point of afk spots with rests for Agro if you just get banned.

25-Sep-2019 00:08:14

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@ Steel 5 LRO - Please follow Aethel Wolf's instructions above, if you wish to appeal.

If you need additional assistance, you may make your own thread to ask for that. In the regular discussion forums, it is appreciated that you check to see if there is already a thread open for the topic you wish to discuss.

However, in the Community Led Support Forums, it is much easier to give everyone the help they are looking for if each user creates their own thread about their issue.

Every user's situation is somewhat unique, and it can get confusing as to which post is to which user, when more than one player is trying to get help on the same thread. Advice given to the original player may not apply in each case. Also, when tacking your situation on to another player's thread, those helping may recognize the thread as one where the issue had already been solved, and may not notice that a different situation has been added to that thread.


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