Patch Notes - 11/03

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  • Players can now mine coal rocks in Miscellania for approval rating with a full inventory.

  • Pikkupstix now mentions Drakolith rather than Mithril, when locating Pikkenmix.

  • Fixed a typo with the alchemical onyx on the invention skill guide.

  • The Voice of Seren icons can once again be clicked through on Desktop; when on mobile, players are shown the information for the buff tapped.

  • The Bug Report interface will now remember text entered should you close it and then reopen it.

  • The Drunken Dwarf vs The People court case reward text now correctly displays 20x gold stone spirits instead of 20x gold ore.

  • Diving to the sunken tutorial island without a fishbowl helmet will no longer cause a disconnect.

  • Carnillean Rising now displays a proper quest complete screen when Philipe Carnillean completes his quest.

  • The IFB title will now be reliably rewarded once hitting a combined total of 100 kills across group and solo mode as well as having the Ambi pet

  • It is now easier to see where the barrier will appear during the Ambassador encounter.

  • It is no longer possible to view the Waiko cutscene while in certain areas.

  • Fixed an issue with Quest Journal that was causing issues in Java.

  • Updated Ug Thankee Kindly Desert achievement steps list to improve clarity.

  • Some typos when talking to Seren in the tower of voices have been resolved.

  • The Smithing levelling benefit for smelting extra Bane bars was missing from the Smithing skillguide, and has now been added.

  • Butter is now correctly labeled as F2P on the Cooking skillguide.

  • As Shooting Stars can now be mined at any level, their milestone entries on the Mining skillguide have been removed.

  • It is now possible to fletch Black stone arrows on a portable fletcher.

  • Callia the farmhand collector will now correctly collect animals from the breeding pen if you were to leave the area with less than the max amount of animals inside the pen.

  • You will now correctly be informed if the collector can't collect an animal.

  • The Trimmed Masterwork armour will now no longer get stuck ticking 0s under certain circumstances

  • During Chef's assistant, cheesecake connoisseurs will no longer take bites out of whole cheesecakes, if an already-nibbled cheesecake is in your inventory.

  • Stats boosted with an extreme skilling potion will now be correctly set to your base level when the duration runs out.

  • The in-game skill guide for Dungeoneering now correctly lists floors 1 through 35 as F2P.

  • Requirements to fight in the Dominion tower now sync correctly with the quest list.

  • Players will no longer get Crafting daily challenges that requires a Crafting level higher than their current level.

  • Hearts of Ice will now correctly retain which categories are frozen when logging out and back in.

  • 'Override Familiars' checkbox choice on the pet interface is now remembered correctly on close and reopen.

  • An unreachable fishing spot in the Morytania swamp has been fixed.

  • Churning milks into cream cheeses was giving experience different to the experience given listed on the interface, this has now been corrected.

  • The Imp horn wand has been added to the Crafting skillguide.

  • Removed a bush in the Heist minigame to avoid the player getting stuck when getting up off a bench.

  • The Mithril vein in the Haunted Mine, used for the Polterheist achievement, has been moved slightly to improve visibility.

  • The Turkey book and Magical bunny notepaper can now be retrieved from the player-owned house bookcase when destroyed.

  • Players can once again leave the PoP random events if they wish via the "Exit to port" button.

  • Augmented crystal hatchets can now be used to chop down the trees during the Mountain Daughter quest.

  • The friends list will now no longer automatically open when leaving the underwater Mudskipper cavern.

  • Free-to-play players will no longer receive ceremonial sword plans whilst Smithing.

  • Removed the word 'Elemental' on a few occasions in the Elemental Workshop III quest journal to avoid confusion on what body needs to be made.

  • A number of tiles south of the Artisan's workshop no longer force walk the player north.

  • Bane burial sets can no longer be made on regular anvils.

  • Map icon in Haunted mine now correctly displays Phasmatite instead of Luminite.

  • F2P players can now produce cheesewheels and slice them into cheese.

  • The Make-X interface now correctly shows the amount of XP to be received when Crafting unfired urns.

  • Removed force walk tiles from an area north east of Observatory.

  • Cash Bags have been adjusted to always be kept on death.

  • Compressed Anima recharge costs for Shattered Worlds sigils have now been fixed.

  • Skipping a specific cutscene in Diamond in the Rough quest will now work correctly

  • Fixed a force walk tile near Digsite.

  • Removed a tile in Spirit of Summer spirit realm that counted as Wilderness.

  • The following messages now get filtered:

  • "You cannot attack that familiar in single-way combat."

  • "A divine charge container is 25/50/75% full."

  • "Your backpack is full." (When mining, foraging)

  • "Your backpack is full. You can store ore in your ore box."

  • "Your crystal shield lifepoints have been depleted!"

  • The following get shown once and are then filtered for 10 seconds:

  • "Stomp is currently invulnerable!"

  • "The Luminescent ice fiend is encased in ice and cannot be harmed!"

  • "Barricade blocks all damage!"

  • A +2 Prayer bonus has been added to the Masterwork gloves and boots.

  • Working with Protean Bars now correctly plays smithing audio.

  • Easy and Medium Treasure Trail clue rewards will now reward their equivalent in type and size of salvage for rewards that would previously be smithable items.

  • There is now a right click option to teleport to other fairy rings than Zanaris from the max guild skill portals (when it is set to the Zanaris fairy ring).

  • The Hunter's outfit will now have the option to destroy the entire outfit after destroying a single piece, in the same manner that other skilling outfits do.

  • Herbs from Divine Locations will now be picked as Clean rather than Grimy when wearing the full Master Farmer outfit.

  • Suqah leathers now correctly benefit from the perk of the Crafting Skillcape.

  • Corrected various typos found during the Mining & Smithing rework.

  • A 'inspect' feature has been added to the grouping system, you can use this feature to monitor the backpack, worn equipment and items stored in a group members beast of burden.

  • Corrected a typo in the Book of the Underworld.

  • Players can now opt to select their favourited fairy ring locations from the interface via keybinds 1 to 8.

  • The description has been updated on the Medium Ardougne task 'A natural thief' to better reflect which of the chests are applicable for the achievement.

  • The Runecrafting skill guide now correctly displays the level requirement for the Runespan high-level entrance portal as 66 Runecrafting.

  • Fairy rings now have a new map icon. After discovering each one's transport code it can be viewed again via a tooltip on the world map.

  • Sacred clay butterfly net can now be used to catch butterflies.

  • Familiars will no longer attack players in a safe zone during a goebie supply run.

  • Opening a Dungeoneering door using the store skill boost and/or a juju potion will now display a more accurate message.

  • Your selected magic spell will no longer unset itself when exiting a Dungeoneering floor.

  • Luck rings no longer have a chance to proc when they are not worn.

  • Made a number of improvements to the World Select interface:

  • The refresh button on the world select screen has functionality again

  • Activity and location have been separated. All worlds will now display their location rather than using the RuneScape symbol if they have an activity.

  • Worlds without an activity will display a dash.

  • Increased the overall size of the interface.

  • Increase the height on the rows to be bigger on mobile.

  • Increase the majority of text size on mobile.

  • Increased the spacing between the settings for easier selection on mobile.

  • Widened the settings bar and panel.

  • Removed some PC terminology.

  • Toggle world-hop confirmation will be toggled ON by default on mobile.

  • The world-hop confirmation toggle is now independent to each platform, so toggling on/off on one doesn't effect the other.

  • Extended the select region on the filters in the header bar across the text and to the toggle world-hop confirmation check box, so that they're easier to select.

  • Added tooltips over players names in both the Friends Chat and Clan chat list which displays information about the world they're on.

  • An issue was fixed that was causing names on the ignore list to stack under each other rather than form a list correctly.

  • Non-combat items now correctly prevent player duels.

  • The Tuskas wrath ability will now deal the extra damage on Nihils, Muspahs and Glacors slayer tasks.

  • Added a short wall as an Agility shortcut on The Island That Once Were Turtles.
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    HASEYO Vii
    has just informed me that he thought these patch notes were OUTSTANDING this week!!

    HASEYO Vii has been playing on Mobile and recently did a
    NO FOOD SOLAK KILL with one hand
    on mobile, has anyone else killed SOLAK on MOBILE yet?!
    le meme has arrived

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    Thanks for

    "As Shooting Stars can now be mined at any level, their milestone entries on the Mining skillguide have been removed. "

    But couldn't you fix the D&D timer for shooting stars in the meanwhile? It's still not working and I reported that bug on day 1 of the Smiting and Mining rework...

    EDIT: And shouldnt shooting stars be added to lvl 1 mining milestone entry?

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