Patch Notes - 11/03

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ModáShauny said:

The Bug Report interface will now remember text entered should you close it and then reopen it.

Butter is now correctly labeled as F2P on the Cooking skillguide.

The in-game skill guide for Dungeoneering now correctly lists floors 1 through 35 as F2P.

The Turkey book and Magical bunny notepaper can now be retrieved from the player-owned house bookcase when destroyed.

Free-to-play players will no longer receive ceremonial sword plans whilst Smithing.

F2P players can now produce cheesewheels and slice them into cheese.

The following get shown once and are then filtered for 10 seconds:
Ľ "Stomp is currently invulnerable!"
Ľ "The Luminescent ice fiend is encased in ice and cannot be harmed!"

Your selected magic spell will no longer unset itself when exiting a Dungeoneering floor.

The Tuskas wrath ability will now deal the extra damage on Nihils, Muspahs and Glacors slayer tasks.

Lots of good QoL patches here!

14-Mar-2019 05:36:37

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