Patch Notes - 18/03

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JoeFriday said:
Shiny†Cape said:
Bring back Onyxs to Prif. They were available before M&S update at similar rates but hardly anyone mined there. Removing a positive feature of Prif which has been there for YEARS is a poor decision.

I can't provide an example(s), but jagex has done similar things in the past where they may remove a specific item from a drop and bring it back after it recovers, or implement it in a different way.

So, they could let them recover, then bring them back another way and completely remove them from pvm.

Pvmer's should buy from skillers.

100% agreed.

Hopefully something happens soonô.
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Any idea when the Mining and Smithing level unlocks will be fixed?

Players who passed the level requirements for increased mining stamina and faster smithing progress before the Rework didn't get them afterwards.

I don't know if it applies to everyone, but I know it's not just me.

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I agree with most of these patch notes especially the grace of the elves change - very handy. However; the viability of range has once again taken a hit with this 'fix' to black stone arrows from the quiver. Whilst magic runs rampant at nearly every single boss; melee has crazy single target dps (dw) w/barge, range feels as though is is left out in the cold.

In terms of existing style specific debuffs off the top of my head:
Mage: G staff and Vuln (both free/negligible cost with runes and both applied instantly)
Melee: Quake / Warhammer (free/deemed worth the cost at higher bossing both applied instantly)
Range: Black stone arrows; now, in my opinion, pretty much dead content apart from high level group bossing due to their cost per full application (20x~5k ~100k) - 20hits.

This is without the issue of shieldbow switches - requiring arrows increasing switchscape further.
Yes, I feel like (with perfect ability usage) 0 usage of arrows should not be possible, but when compared to g staff / vuln / quake options, range is left high and dry.

Please note this comes from a place of love for range, I love how the abilities feel to use, I love the style as a whole with regard to the sound of arrows/bolts firing and just wish it was 100% viable in most places (see telos golems affinity for one.) I don't want to feel pigeonholed into magic or melee to feel as though I can contribute to my best extent at every scenario, the sad thing is, I currently do.

19-Mar-2019 01:02:18

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So iv been using the blackstone arrows for a week in the tirannwn quiver and didnt even know it was meant to *consume them as intended* .... i went to vindicta today for 1 hr and it ate through over 1k of them all of a sudden. Why is this a thing where they get used up so fast? You have made the arrows completely useless for how many get consumed. Thanks jagex. Please revert them back to normal arrows? please ? .. or at least refund me my 4000000 coins wasted.

19-Mar-2019 01:06:59

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With the nerf to prif gem rocks, would it be possible for there to be a buff to the one shop in the game that sells one onyx, the shop in TzHaar city? Just make it possible for us to sell gems/ores to the store for tokkul, and make the respawn time on the onyx one week. That way, we can still get an onyx from mining but the rate they come into the game is completely easily controlled by the respawn time. At the current 2.7m tokkul needed, it would take an absurd number of gems or almost 6k rune ore (around 6m gp, or 10m in adamant ore) to get that onyx. Basically, for main accounts it would be useless, but for ironmen, it would be a chore that could be worth it. Or, use selling to that shop as a reward space for a new midlevel quest, or as a reward for the Karamja gloves, or a new reward for getting a fire cape. It is just a shame that there is a shop in the game with an onyx sitting there as dead content because it both costs 2.7m tokkul which are not obtainable in reasonable amounts. 112 successful fire capes for an onyx for a midlevel ironman, or 30 hours of killing tzhaar, just trying to get a ring of wealth is a bit much.

19-Mar-2019 07:44:22

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