Patch Notes - 18/03

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You didn't happen to accidentally change The Magister drop rate when making this update did you? Because I have killed 376 Magisters since this update, so I should have gotten around 22 phylactery. Instead I have gotten 6, or about 1/62 kills. I know rng is fickle sometimes, but this seems a little too consistently bad.

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xLunaráDawn said:
Awesome patch, any word on fixing stone spirit drops? They're still breaking bossing gp/hr btw

Apparently Jagex has some design to fix stone spirits. They are intending to make smithing faster and to make smithing more attractive to train. However I don't have any optimism for their solution, as it is unknown if they will address the following things that make stone spirits garbage in the first place:

1. Previous ore/bar drops were not replaced with comparable stone spirits. E.g. 50 runite ore (tier 85 previously) was replaced with an inferior drop of 50 runite spirits (tier 50 now). The supply of low level stone spirits is massive compared to high level stone spirits.

2. Double ore is a garbage perk unless you're poor or an ironman/ironwoman account. It just increases the supply of ore twice as fast, even more considering some players use multiple alts.
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