Patch Notes - 25/03

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  • There is a new camera mode - "Freedom", which allows for more extreme camera angles and zoom levels.

  • Combat

  • Resolved an issue where defensive abilities were not taken into account when calculating damage as the opponent died.

  • Buffs from different items can no longer be activated in the same tick when using the drag-able worn equipment slot on the action bar to switch them.

  • The Legendary Pet scavenge ability will now prioritise the most valuable single item in a stack of loot.

  • Increased the effective range of the Ricochet ability against additional targets (previously it hit enemies within 4 squares of its attack, this is now 6) this change also affects the Caroming perk.

  • The Dungeoneering boss Stomp will now immediately advance to his next phase when the crystals are placed.

  • Divine/Fire Spirits

  • A sound is now played to the player when a fire spirit spawns.

  • When catching a fire spirit you are now granted bonus XP for the 1 - 5 logs you're burning on a bonfire.

  • A timerbar has now been added to a Fire Spirit allowing you to see when it'll vanish.

  • The five firelighters (blue, green, red, purple & white) now have a 'Strike' option, when clicked a 5 minute buff is added to the player which will automatically consume any fire spirits that spawn (this can stack up to 60 minutes).

  • You now have a very rare chance of getting a clue scroll from claiming a Fire Spirit's reward.

  • The fired up ring and gloves now have a chance to stop your Crystal Tinderbox degrading when you get a fire spirit.

  • Any fire spirits gathered will now become an item in your inventory, allowing you to save up an entire inventory and click on one to open them all at once (should the Firelighter buff be active when gathering a fire spirit this will add a 1.3x boost on the fire spirit drop table).

  • Grouping System (Raids Practice Mode)

  • If you are in a group and readied up you can right click the Raid barrier and click 'Choose a boss (practice mode)' from there any of the options will take you to that part of the raids boss fight.

  • During this time, if the group kills the boss they will get no loot, KC, boss times, etc.

  • You can't progress through the raid at all and have to leave after each kill.

  • Nex: Angel of Death

  • Kill timers will be wiped on the first login after this update, this is because the kill timer didn't have a player check so a team of 50 could set a fast kill time and still have it tracked.

  • Kill timers will now only be tracked with 7 people or lower in a kill.

  • When each of the magic minions die, they will now shout and message in your chatbox a radius to show the order they died in.

  • Nex is now attackable during her phasing, this allows players to build adrenaline and keep seamless combat. Damage to Nex is reduced by 99% at this point.

  • The Icicle slam icicle health has been reduced to 20k, down from 100k

  • The Icicle bleed is applied after 6 seconds of being under the icicle.

  • Players will be placed in the room instead of the ledge when entering the instance, if the fight has started then players will still be placed on the ledge to spectate.

  • A quick start option has been added to the Flowing energy.

  • Shadow orbs have been changed to be NPC's meaning they can stack on top of each other.

  • The Ice closing in around the edges of the arena in phase 1 has been removed. It was causing major FPS drops when spawning in.

  • The fog has been reduced in the room.

  • The banners that the mages use will now also be unlocked when unlocking the outfit. A login check has been added to give players the banner if they already have the outfit.

  • A quick exit option has been added to the pillar at the end of the fight.

  • Movement abilities will be taken off cooldown when the icicle is killed or removed, allowing players to get back into the fight

  • All players can now roll on a unique instead of 1 unique per kill.

  • Nex will no longer cleave with her Melee hit.

  • If Nex attacks with magic, she will hit the main tank after 3 cycles, allowing them time to react and switch prayer.

  • Nex should no longer re-target after any of her attacks or phasing.

  • While the drop rate per kill hasn't changed, the drop rate per person in groups of less than 7 has been improved.

  • If a player dies, Nex will no longer re-target onto another player (unless it is the tank that died.)

  • The off tank drop roll has been removed and replaced with a DPS roll.

  • Skilling

  • Reverted a change to the Glacor Cave Bane mine site to restore it back to the way it was before the update of 11th March 2019.

  • Hot air balloons now use a charge system to travel. Higher tier logs count for more charges and up to 4000 charges can be stored by giving logs to the balloon assistants.

  • Balloon travel no longer has a inventory weight limit.

  • Teleports

  • Added the Guthix Temple, deep beneath the Lumbridge caverns to the teleport options on the Sixth-Age circuit. The Max Guild portal teleport to Tormented Demons now places the player closer to them, while still respecting their boundary of aggression.

  • Removed the limit of one teleport from Remora's necklace and moved it's teleport location from the White Knights' camp to the ominous door that leads into the QBD fight.

  • Other

  • The Treasure Hunter floating image has had some graphical changes

  • Updated Revenant Pet's unlock description on pet interface.

  • Players can now complete their slayer task if they had previously reset their wilderness task to an easier one.

  • Made some fixes to Glacor Cave Bane mine site.
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    thank you guys! reading now.

    E: no changes to the phoenix stuff not being able to be found on NXT? been 2 weeks or so...

    cool teleport changes too.

    and thanks for the nex changes and some nice banners too

    *Resolved an issue where defensive abilities were not taken into account when calculating damage as the opponent died*

    *The Legendary Pet scavenge ability will now prioritise the most valuable single item in a stack of loot.

    * raids practice mode

    11/10 update

    P.S. camera mode sounds hype can't wait to try it
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