Patch Notes - 25/03

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<whine>I still can't put my Elegant Blouse and Elegant Skirt (in 3 colors) back into my PoH treasure chest!

My precious 6 bank spaces!

(Yes, I submitted a bug report - months ago. )

Is this some evil conspiracy against female players?

Elegant Shirt and Elegant Legs for male players can be stored!

Maybe aliens abducted the female clothing options? Maybe Jagex secretly wants to force all male players to cross-dress by refusing to allow them to store the female dress options? *Eyes JMods suspiciously. You do remember this is not a dating site!*

Whatever the answer, stop fiddling around with new content and fix MY issue! Mine, my precious, my bank spaces!!!!!! </whine>
I loathe the Wildy!

26-Mar-2019 20:12:59

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How did you manage to reintroduce a bug you fixed less than a months ago already.

Bladed dive is once again complaining that we're not in a PvP area. As if anyone uses bladed dive to attack anything anyway, it's just a surge you can steer.

And what was wrong with the % for the the avatar habitat exp boost. Now it just looks like a countdown that just won't budge.
The entire world is bragging about cookies and Jagex doesn't even know how to use them.

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My idea of reviving PWM and wildy would be in simplifying the mechanics of it maybe limit the abilities to 5 basics and 1 thresh per style thing is eoc brought whole lot of complexity and removed the original almost turn based combat which was very exciting. Maybe introduce wilderness sigil which would increase your health by 10k in the wilderness and cost like 1m ea sold by mandrith this would make a battle a dps race and bring back the old style of fight, I guess, take into account limited amount of abilities allowed in the wilderness. R.I.P. rs3 2019.

27-Mar-2019 22:21:40

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I haven't yet been to Zanaris today, but if what you removed was the events choir, our urge to dance and being turned into a sheep, please consider reverting. Those things do not impede our cluein*, penguin hunting, safecracking or whatever else we may be doing there, and they add ambiance, immersion, to the place. Sad to remove it.

Oh dear, a little bout of senility there, posting in wrong thread :P

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