Patch Notes - 01/04

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Hey everyone, here are these weeks patches!

As a note anything with this next to it = Ninja Fix!


  • It is no longer possible to use bladed dive to avoid Araxxor's charge attack on the darkness path.

  • Audio

  • The music track 'Beast of the undercurrents' will no longer play for longer than expected.

  • The Seren Spirit now has a jingle when it appears, which can be heard if Sound Effects are turned on, making it more noticeable. There's still the existing sound when the spirit is present, located under ambient sounds, but you'll now get a Sound Effect when it spawns as there previously wasn't one.

  • Removed squeak sound effect from Verak Lith's auto attacks.

  • Implemented low level Farming skill audio improvements.

  • Cape of Legends & Obsidian Cape

  • The Obsidian cape and Cape of Legends have been slightly rebalanced to be more in-line with their difficulty to obtain. The Obsidian cape now provides more armour with slightly reduced offensive stats, whereas the Cape of legends has had an increase in offensive and defensive stats.

  • The Cape of Legends now has a teleport option to the Legends Guild.

  • Challenges

  • The Challenge Mistresses will no longer take dragonhide boots when turning in daily Crafting challenges for vambraces.

  • Elite Dungeons

  • Rare drops such as effigies can now be looted more easily after the Crassian Leviathan encounter.

  • The Crassian Leviathan will now consistently drop loot if it dies while swapping sides.

  • Killing Masuta the Ascended while he is stood above the hidden staircase will no longer prevent players from obtaining their loot.

  • Fire Spirits

  • An issue causing the host log from a Fire Spirit derived from using Maple logs on a bonfire to read as Acadia logs in the item tooltip has been resolved.

  • Friends

  • The Join option from a right-click friend will no longer offer a wilderness lodestone teleport when your friend is at the Grand Tree.

  • New areas like the peninsula for Needle Skips, and The Lost Grove will now point to better lodestone options when using the Join option.

  • Graphics

  • Fixed gold bar textures in Ardougne South bank.

  • Smoke no longer goes through the floor of the raised building North West of the Fishing Guild.

  • Fixed a graphical issue that occurred while wearing Scorpion outfit with Proud Walk override activated.

  • Lots of emotes have had their movement stalls removed.

  • Particles within the Black stone dragon encounter appear above the ground symbol when playing on the Java Client.

  • Fixed issues with interfaces being full screen on legacy mode.

  • The slayer counter will no longer state that you have not obtained a ushabti soul if the creature does have a soul to obtain.

  • Grouping System (Raids Practice Mode)

  • Raids practice mode will now consistently provide 20 planks when challenging Yakamaru's mirage phase.

  • Incense Sticks

  • Removed the "Change-tool" button on the Make-X interface for untreated and ashy incense sticks.

  • Prevented incense sticks from being crafted from items stored in a beast of burden.

  • Noted drops banked by dwarf weed incense will now be converted back to their non-noted forms before hitting the bank.

  • Crafting logs into incense sticks is now remembered in Make-X when producing from the same types of sticks.

  • Life Refresh

  • Life refreshers can now only be activated in a bank area.

  • Quests

  • The destroy warning message for Crystal trinket has been updated to reflect that it can only be retrieved from the quest storage chest once Plague's End has been completed.

  • Players no longer need to use the xp lamp reward to complete the One small favour quest.

  • Fixed an issue where the Quest Progression section of the Summary tab on the Hero interface was counting one less than the total quests in the quest list.

  • The stairs in the basement of Evil Dave's Big Day Out are now properly handled at certain quest states where previously they wouldn't function as expected.

  • Corrected an issue where the Rocking Out quest was appearing as complete at its conclusion state.

  • Fires created throughout The Firemakers' Curse no longer block the player's movement.

  • Nex: Angel of Death

  • Hotfix - Angel of Death has had her melee damage reduced to what it was previously.

  • Hotfix - Reverted Nex: AoD's attack cooldowns to the values pre-update.

  • Players now face north when they enter the instance.

  • Re-synced the projectiles that signify the amalgamations' spawns.

  • Returned Nex's attackrange to 10 tiles in the final phase.

  • Main tank loot is no longer dropped if they leave the instance.

  • Players who roll on the participation table at Nex:Angel of Death now correctly receive killcounts in all instances.

  • Parcels

  • Players can no longer exchange stamps for parcels without the necessary inventory space.

  • You now only require 9 inventory spaces when opening Lost property (bulky) unless holding multiple of them in which case 10 spaces will be required.

  • Aura refreshers will now correctly cap at 250.

  • Ring of Death

  • Death's store now offers an overcharge option for the Ring of Death. Unlocking the option costs 150 reaper points, then rings may be overcharged in Death's dialogue at a cost of 5 cut onyx and 25 black stone hearts.

  • Overcharged rings take 10 onyx to recharge, but only cost 3% charge per death-teleport.

  • Skilling

  • An issue causing Crafting on Potter's wheels to require an incorrect Crafting level has been resolved.

  • You can now craft Divine Charges with a full inventory, if a stack is already present.

  • The rate you receive warning messages for getting reduced rates due to your pickaxe level when mining has been lowered.

  • The debuff icon for the Grace of the Elves will no longer persist through death.

  • The "%" character has returned to buff bar icons.

  • Two new tunnels have appeared in the walls of the Kalphite Lair. These shortcuts require level 55 and 79 in Agility to traverse.

  • Added a shortcut, accessed south of the entrance to Tarn's Lair, in the Haunted Mine to the crystal mine. Requires completion of the Haunted Mine quest and the Hard Mortyania achievement set.

  • When the "Destroy empty containers when cooking" option is unticked, the pot will no longer be consumed when mixing a pot of flour with butter to create biscuit dough.

  • A timerbar will now appear above a Seren Spirit when one spawns.

  • A message will appear if a Seren Spirit despawns before you could claim its reward.

  • Orokami masks can now be stored in the POH costume room's fancy dress box.

  • Players can now again store logs with Auguste for hot air balloon charges.

  • Slayer Tower

  • Moved the Slayer Tower hidey-hole to the inside of the building, closer to the spot that you need its items.

  • Solomon's General Store

  • Examine typo has been corrected for the Fairy Drake and Shadow Fairy Drake.

  • Fixed an issue where buying Aztec outfit via solomons store enabled reclaim of Highland outfit and vice versa.

  • Teleports

  • Teleport scrolls earned from treasure trails can now be stored as charges in the globetrotter armguards, up to 1000 of each type.

  • Arc island teleport tablets can now be stored and used in your Arc journal, up to 1000 charges per location.

  • The same is true of the Menaphos journal and the Menaphos teleport tablets.

  • Trimmed Masterwork

  • Players may now custom-fit normal pieces of Trimmed Masterwork armour without requiring an entirely new set. Previously a player was required to wear an entirely new set of Trimmed Masterwork armour to Custom Fit one piece they may have previously lost or destroyed.

  • Wilderness

  • An issue that was causing a crash when checking slayer options via the Ring of slaying whilst having a task from Mandrith has been fixed.

  • Revenant spirits will no longer try to drop on F2P.

  • Players can no longer get assigned Mandrith's special assignment without having the correct requirements to get all required kills.

  • All of the revenant pets can now be used as a familiar override.

  • Zanaris

  • Some of the more random events that occur while in Zanaris have been removed.
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    War tortoise
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    thanks for the fixes/changes!

    so many 11/10 fix's

    like serene spirits, the % icon back, mask storage & teleport storage... I could keep going
    Lost Woods numba 1, (NOT EE, Those scrubs are liars ;p)

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    Legacy interface full screen bug fix: yaaaaaaaaaaaaay thanks! :D Was incredibly annoying.

    Zanaris random events removal: nooooooooooooo! :(

    PS. Shauny, your avatar is gone.
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    Mod Shauny

    Mod Shauny

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    Lord Drakan said:
    Legacy interface full screen bug fix: yaaaaaaaaaaaaay thanks! :D Was incredibly annoying.

    Zanaris random events removal: nooooooooooooo! :(

    PS. Shauny, your avatar is gone.

    Mysterious right?
    Mod Shauny - RuneScape Community Management - Goebies! - @JagexShauny
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    Mod Shauny said:
    Lord Drakan said:
    Legacy interface full screen bug fix: yaaaaaaaaaaaaay thanks! :D Was incredibly annoying.

    Zanaris random events removal: nooooooooooooo! :(

    PS. Shauny, your avatar is gone.

    Mysterious right?
    Whats also mysterious to us players: Chargebow fix.

    When will we see a fix to our chargebow damage when using lower tier normal arrows for our shieldbow switch?

    Also, what it the fix you’re planning on implementing.

    I really don’t understand why this has to be a mystery to us.
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