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AranErain said:
Draco Burnz said:
AranErain said:

Now, where is that ignore button on forums ?

hehehehe. can't win the argument so you ragequit. ill take that as a victory.

Wrong with the vast majority of your posts on the rs forums.
It shows my desire to ignore obvious trolls and ignorant idiots.

By the way: quite telling how you always only pick up pieces of arguments, you feel comfortable to reply too.

LoTRO in many ways had a bad forum, but at least they did have such an ignore button, what a blessing was that.

+1 - I'm waiting for ignore button too on forums
; stay strong! Funny how they do all the advertising for awareness yet here we are on their forums a scenario that would help aid in the cause they proactively ask for our $ for.
Best wishes to all.
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14-Apr-2019 11:16:23

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Draco Burnz said:
AranErain said:

So rude :(

Is it?
Maybe in your textbook.
Where I live it is quite common to be direct and straight forward.
In that light my posts have been rather polite.

I guess, you would want an ignore button as well than, so you don't have to see my posts.
Win win for the both of us (and no doubt, for many others too)
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16-Apr-2019 19:22:41



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AranErain said:


That would just be pointless as you can just as easily ignore ppl atm.

Then again I forgot that this thread was about an imaginary "ignore button" and not the patches posted on page one.
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17-Apr-2019 11:46:45

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