Patch Notes - 23/04

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War tortoise said:
Megycal said:
Thanks for the patch notes.

Is it just me that can't find the trail toggle?

go to settings and social its right there, theres a thing that says 'friends list click that'

Thank you! I'd been looking under the community / social tab to look at the friends list. :P

23-Apr-2019 17:16:09



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No Remora's necklace fix? How sad!!! :(

You broke Remora's necklace in F2P when you changed the teleport location! The new teleport should have been added as an additional option, as now it doesn't work in F2P at all. This also broke the lore that defined the old teleport location at White Knights' camp. This can be fixed easily by offering two teleport locations for the necklace, the old and the new one.
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23-Apr-2019 18:20:54

Vengeance of
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Ethereal199 said:
Rocky Horror said:
When are you going to stop the fires in and around the Combat Academy bank chest?

It's virtually impossible to do anything on mobile and lower end pc's (we can't all afford top of the range graphics cards) when the area is blazing.

Not to mention the fact that portables can't be placed anywhere near the bank chest on world 84, the world you, Jagex, set as the Portables world (the only world the fires are lit on, by coincidence) because the fires block the entire area.

All you need to have displayed is the bank chest and portable of interest, so you should try and zoom all the way in (the new Freedom cam zooms even further in), so that your computer does not have to render all those fires.

Otherwise, Jagex can just disable fires from being lit within that area, but you'll probably be waiting months for this to happen.

I suspect that we might see serious changes to mass Firemaking once mobile is fully released. Jagex doesn't seem to care much about how griefers can make training in social hubs a living hell for players with low-specs, but I have a feeling that they might change their tune if large numbers of shiny new Mobile players start raising a stink when their phones can't handle it.

23-Apr-2019 18:35:00

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Ladyredbingo said:
still cant return Zammy warpriest set to my wardrobe. Really wish this would get fixed already
Have you made sure they're all set at the same tier? They come out of the PoH at a default tier and tier up to highest when you equip them so if you only wear part of it it won't let you put it back in until you change all the other pieces to same tier. Easiest way just being equip them all if you haven't manually changed any pieces' tier.

Dr Raat said:
Super annoying message now when equipping ruby bak (e) bolts with dual ascs.

There's 2 of these annoying messages, one when the mainhand weapon changes and the other when the ammo changes, but they essentially say the same thing.

They seem to come up whenever you equip a non-charge bow ranged weapon below the tier of your ammo, or ammo above the tier of your weapon. Yes, it's marginally informative, but it gets in the way too much if you're switching in combat, and it's the sort of thing you know anyway after a little while so really isn't needed.

Worse still it seems to throw the message for all thrown weapons of equal or lower tier than the arrows and for some reason thinks sunspear/blisterwood darts are t1. The messages are completely obsolete for all thrown weapons though because they don't use the ammo slot to begin with. Bolt/Arrow type weapons at least only give the message if the arrows are of a higher tier.

Surely at most we only need a message when using lower tier effect arrow/bolts with a higher tier charge-type weapon (reducing damage output) - the rest is annoying and not really useful as it's basic EoC knowledge to begin with - we already know that the lowest tier of the weapon and ammo is used with the exception of weapons that provide their own ammo (weapon and ammo both in the weapon slot are the same tier so any ammo slot ammo is ignored..with the new further exception of effect ammo types which is more specific)

23-Apr-2019 18:42:32

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Ethereal199 said:
Almost 4 months since the Mining & Smithing Rework and stone spirits are still as useless as ever... So, is there any further news on what Jagex is actually planning to do to fix the problem, besides the terrible response we were given on Reddit a few weeks ago?
Mod Shogun is working on it apparently, will be his 1st content update according the the comp cape rework Q&A stream. Considering how many pieces of content will need their drop tables looking at in order to properly fix them I wouldn't expect results any time soon though.

23-Apr-2019 19:07:24

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Want the Blackwing critique, its not a proper update without that! ffs sort it out jagex, get him on the payroll to keep your jmod slackers on track and on time ;].

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