Patch Notes - 23/04

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War tortoise said:
is nobody gonna talk about this? "The Premier Artefact will now try to be sent to your bank if your inventory is full when you log in after a premier club purchase."

You can't buy vip atm, so idk what this means...

Maybe this has something to do with any players who upgrade their premier club packages from bronze/silver to gold? I'm not sure if you re-receive the artefact or anything after doing so though. I've only ever purchased the gold version, so just a blind suggestion really
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23-Apr-2019 20:28:57

Draco Burnz
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Zero Dois said:
When will you guys fix the "I love Daily Scape" (cap out sandstone in a day)? Everyday, if you mine both red and crystal sandstone you complete 2/4 of it and in the very next day it resets to 0.

I don't think that's really a bug as you didn't complete it.

You're supposed to do all 4 of them in one day and it still tracks even if you don't have the req for all 4.
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23-Apr-2019 21:34:07



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The level unlocks:

Smith [metal] 10% faster
When smithing [metal] you generate progress 10% faster.

Still do not work.

A main feature of the Mining & Smithing Rework was missing at launch and still isn't there.

24-Apr-2019 01:22:33

Mini JIT
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Mini JIT

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•Corrected Divine herb patch XP drops with the master farmer outfit equipped.

What does that even mean? A few weeks ago you changed it so we get clean herbs from divine herb patch with the outfit so it works the same way as doing normal farm runs, but we still don't get herb xp from the clean herbs when using divine locations so nothing has been fixed.

Doing normal herb farm runs we get herb xp for the auto cleaning of herbs with the master farming outfit.

24-Apr-2019 17:32:43

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